The fundamental role of Producer

Yesterday I was invited to speak about Scramblr at a workshop on innovation and cross-border collaboration. I listened to the group talk through reasons why loads of online efforts to work together fizzle out. You know the drill… that sinking ‘not another social network’ feeling… tumbleweed rolling through empty forums and neglected profiles. All the great intentions in the world don’t give you more hours in the day to check a dozen different sites. Nobody can be arsed to overcome a lost password, let alone contribute; and it isn’t there fault.

There are loads of reasons for this… some inherent in design, but the one that’s really stark and matches my experience is the fact you need a purpose. It sounds pretty obvious that community productivity requires you to have a point – yet loads of efforts spring up that lack a fundamental role. For action to happen, it is absolutely essential to have a producer / facilitator steering, shaping, pushing, inspiring action. Without a Producer, you just get a bunch of enthusiastic, talented people with good intentions waiting for something to happen. And people don’t wait long these days before moving on.

When I was ranting relentlessly last year – (here, here, here, here) etc etc – a tribe of likeminds leaped out the woodwork and joined in. We got together and started making stuff. We made a dozen video ads for good causes in a matter of weeks. Sometimes they only took 4 hours, from concept to release. They came together from lyrics written in the US, coupled with music composed in Israel, and a splash of Canadian animation. All that happened because of the role of Producer. The Producers are rare, but when they emerge, things happen. Not just ideas, but execution, fast and lots of it. Without the Producer, nothing happens.

That’s why Scramblr starts with the Producer – whomever / whatever they may be. Empowering Producers is fundamental to making change happen. It’s vital in order for anything to come out the other end when you’re feeding in passion and talent.

Producer + tools + resources = PRODUCTIVITY.

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