School of Communication Arts 2.0

Yesterday me and a bunch of other mentors went along to the IPA to eat breakfast and talk about SCA’s Wiki initiative. It’s the first time any industry has collaborated online in the creation of a curriculum.

A bit more about SCA:

- 50 students, 300 teacher/mentors
- 15 scholarships places in 2010. 25 scholarship places a year by 2013
- Pathways to become a copywriter, art director or ‘Ideapreneur’
- Every year, 10 of our cohort will each win £10,000 start-up funding to launch a business whilst at the School
- Qualification accredited by University of Arts London Awarding Body
- Governors include Lord Bell, Sir John Hegarty and Rory Sutherland

If you’d like to get involved, contribute and sign up as a mentor you can do so here.


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