Top 10 Social Business Questions in 2013

3) What does social business mean for my organisation specifically?

Social business isn’t a bolt-on, or a function, or just another project – rather it’s a set of practices that infiltrate every business area, helping you deliver all your existing projects and reach your existing goals and objectives better, faster and cheaper. That’s not to say investment isn’t required, as many organisations are struggling to resource their social efforts, particularly when it comes to monitoring and engaging in conversations online; and sharing useful and interesting content. And that’s before we even get onto internal collaboration and the reengineering of processes... Read The Rest →

Powerpoint: A Substitute for Action (& Pub Strategy)

We invest a good chunk of our time and energy at work puzzling over strategies, measurable objectives, roadmaps and implementation schedules. The fruits of our labour culminate in a powerpoint that’s approved, a box ticked and a consensus reached that we all have very, very good intentions. In reality, 90% of organisations fail to execute their strategies successfully. What’s more, it’s estimated that managers spend more than $10 billion annually on strategic analysis and strategy formulation, meaning $9 billion is wasted every year. So what’s going on? Why aren’t we... Read The Rest →

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