Why social media strategy doesn’t exist

As someone who has written countless social media strategies, social business strategies and content strategies, I have to confess I’ve come to the conclusion they don’t really exist. I also take my fair share of responsibility for propagating the myth – a distinct case of the Emperor’s New Clothes – by purporting they do. I didn’t set out to capitalise on the insecurities of those dreadful, shamefaced folk who supposedly ‘don’t get it’, but the fact I’ve used these terms for so long means I’m not completely innocent. In my... Read The Rest →

Top 10 Social Business Questions in 2013

6) What are the best examples of social business in my industry?

This is a dangerous question. If you want a literal answer, just google it (like most things in life). Google ‘social business case studies pharmaceuticals’, or ‘social media case studies financial services’, or whatever – you’ll find plenty. More to the point, I’d recommend you deliberately avoid focusing on what competitors are doing. For one thing, organisations that seem to have a leadership position in social, because they’ve dabbled in various ways and appear in abundance when you google ‘case studies xxxx’, are often no further ahead than you. Talk... Read The Rest →

Top 10 Social Business Questions in 2013

3) What does social business mean for my organisation specifically?

Social business isn’t a bolt-on, or a function, or just another project – rather it’s a set of practices that infiltrate every business area, helping you deliver all your existing projects and reach your existing goals and objectives better, faster and cheaper. That’s not to say investment isn’t required, as many organisations are struggling to resource their social efforts, particularly when it comes to monitoring and engaging in conversations online; and sharing useful and interesting content. And that’s before we even get onto internal collaboration and the reengineering of processes... Read The Rest →

Top 10 Social Business Questions in 2013

2) What’s the tangible business value?

Here’s the second of ten posts in this Q&A series covering the top 10 social business questions of 2013. 2) What’s the tangible business value? One of our mantras at Kanbee is ‘if it doesn’t save you money or make you money, don’t do it’. This is business after all. Social isn’t a shiny, gimmicky, nice-to-have – it’s a set of practices that deliver tangible business value. Fellow social consultant Leon Benjamin put it very nicely during a presentation on Virgin Media’s internal social networking platform when he said “Trying... Read The Rest →

A Social Business Process

I’m a right-brain believer in process, which is not an oxymoron. Many creative types balk at the thought of process, with its rigid, stifling connotations. The reality, however, is that to improve something, first you must be able to see it. So by mapping process, you’re making the invisible visible; and from there you can begin to innovate and improve on the way work gets done. Given the whole point of social business is to change the way we work, I thought I’d share a social business process here. Like... Read The Rest →

(Social) Business Theory of Everything

Physicists have long sought a Theory of Everything to explain and link all known physical phenomena, so the outcome of any experiment could be predicted. The problem is, unifying general relativity and quantum mechanics is so difficult that is remains a great unsolved problem in physics; and a Theory of Everything remains elusive. —- Some social business initiatives aren’t working because tools are shoved in first, with no integration into existing workflows, low awareness and engagement among employees, underinvestment in training, insufficient buy-in across the exec board and other common... Read The Rest →

Social business? It’s just plain business

Buzz around ‘social business’ has gone crazy in recent months, but having spoken to brands about it for some time now, I’m convinced we’re confusing the hell out of them. We whack ‘social’ on terms to connote something cool, new and 21st century, but the reality is it’s just plain old business – i.e. finding ways to do things faster, better and cheaper. The significance of social media in the rush for ‘enterprise 2.0’ prowess is that it’s pushing – you could say forcing – brands to change. Firstly, social... Read The Rest →

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