Human Memory & Hilarious UX Design

This morning I was reading Joshua Foer’s Moonwalking with Einstein (buy it, it’s fabulous), in which he describes how anyone can master great feats of memory. Key to the technique – first documented in the 90s BC – is coming up with a novel image in your mind that represents the item you’re trying to remember, then placing that image in a physical space that you’re very familiar with, so you can retrace your steps and remember a long list of items in the right order. For example Joshua recounts... Read The Rest →

Gutless Wonders and the Control Illusion

Ian Davis, previously worldwide MD of McKinsey, once said, “Long-gone is the day of the gut-instinct management style. Today’s business leaders are adopting algorithmic decision-making techniques and using highly sophisticated software to run their organisations.” An astounding example of the control illusion. Nothing sits better in a crisis than intense rationality. Trouble is, we’re deluding ourselves. For one thing – as neuroscientist Antonion Damasio proved by studying people with damage to the part of the brain where emotions are generated – decisions are driven by emotions. With our rational brain... Read The Rest →

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