Future of TV Advertising

Yesterday I spoke at Marketing Week’s TV Advertising conference in London. BBC, ITV, MTV, UKTV and Thinkbox were there, alongside Fallon, Qmedia, RSA, Royal Mail, Co-operative, Premier Foods, Nike & Boots. You can take a look at my presentation but it’s loads of pictures without many words so dunno how much sense it’ll make: Kanbee Mw09 Final View more presentations from janekanbee. What struck me with a sledge hammer over the head, was the fact my presentation was deemed ‘brave’, ‘ruffling a few feathers’ etc. To be honest, I’d toned... Read The Rest →

The zombie media

Michael Rosenblum’s recent post on conventional media companies is worth blogging in full, so here it is: They are the walking dead. Conventional media companies, that is. They are already dead, they just don’t know it. “I’m still alive” they say. Tear off an arm… or fire 30% of your editorial staff… but they keep coming at you. “See. I’m still alive!” Rip off another arm…. “still alive”, despite the blood all over the floor. They are dead. Newspapers. TV networks. The undead. It’s just that no one has told... Read The Rest →

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