No straight lines of possibility?

Alan Moore’s recent post is worth a read: In his article for The Observer – Tony Judt writes, Something is profoundly wrong with the way we live today. For 30 years we have made a virtue out of the pursuit of material self-interest: indeed, this very pursuit now constitutes whatever remains of our sense of collective purpose. We know what things cost but have no idea what they are worth. The materialistic and selfish quality of contemporary life is not inherent in the human condition. Much of what appears “natural”... Read The Rest →

Creative destruction

I’ve noticed that many of the business folk I meet fall broadly into two distinct categories: those who are trying to do something and those who are trying to be something. Truth be told, I don’t have much time for the latter. The former, on the other hand – those who are trying to do something – don’t need to try to be anything… they just are. And I love them. There’s something sparkly about people who are trying to do something – instigating change – like entrepreneurs who are... Read The Rest →

More on Punk Capitalism

Someone asked me yesterday what exactly Punk Capitalism means… Punk was all about a DIY revolution, rejecting authority and hierarchy, working for yourself without taking cues from the mass market, setting up businesses that aren’t fussed about competing and place purpose over profit, advocating that we should produce as much as we consume. Nowadays we’re all working more independently and struggle with crappy managers / bosses, we want richer experiences and creativity is our most valuable currency. We’re coming to the end of the Industrial Revolution cycle… the final nails... Read The Rest →

Skipping the curve

Most people at some point question what they’re doing… where their life is going… whether they’ve achieved enough or made the correct choices. Whether they should be playing this game or jacking it all in for a beach shack. This post is for all you guys. I, for one, sometimes get sick of the sound of my own voice, repeating the stuff of ‘those who get it’ – as if it’s still brand new. As long as there are ‘those who don’t get it’, perhaps we still feel good about... Read The Rest →

Punk Capitalism

Listen to these distinguishing features / central axioms of Capitalism: Each person owns his or her own labor and therefore is allowed to sell the use of it to employers [Take this a bit further forward along the curve and companies don't tend to have employees, just pools of talented people who do stuff] The best allocation of resources is achieved through consumers having free choice, and producers responding accordingly to meet collective consumer demand [Yes, we like free choice... so much so that we're kissing goodbye to the mass... Read The Rest →

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