Where’s my replicator?

On the subject of TECHNOLOGY NOT BEING THE POINT… I am, smugly, young enough not to be excited by new technology (!)

In fact, where is my goddam replicator??? Where’s my reasonably priced holiday in space?? Not only that, but why can’t I even browse the internet on my freakin’ iphone at a decent speed?

We marketing / mobile / futurist / geek types get very excited about new cool technology… we dish out awards to agencies for creating fancy stuff that uses the latest breakthrough thing… when really we’d be better off concentrating on the people of the world, first and foremost. The technology is (well, it should be) a given. Marketing isn’t rocket science. It isn’t quantum physics. We’re not limited by our inability to build machines that bend space time, or by particle accelerator breakdowns. Let’s get real… we’re only really limited by our imaginations; and by our understand of what the hell human beings will actually benefit from.

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