Top 10 Social Business questions in 2013

Over the past few years helping organisations understand what social business means for them and how to get there, I’ve noticed the same questions cropping up time and time again. Regardless of whether you’re a CEO, Marketing Director, Community Manager or Customer Service agent, there seems to be a list of common concerns. To help you address these in your organisation, I’ve decided to publish a Q&A series over the coming days and weeks.

Here’s my top 10 social business questions in 2013:

1. What’s the difference between social business and social media?

2. What’s the tangible business value?

3. What does social business mean for my organisation specifically?

4. What roles and governance do we need to put in place?

5. What if customers say bad things about us?

6. What are the best examples in my industry?

7. What if our employees say the wrong thing?

8. How can we motivate employees to get involved?

9. What tools should we use?

10. What are the first simple steps we can take?

If you’d like to add further questions to the list, do feel free; and I’ll be happy to answer.

I’ll be kick-starting the Q&A series tomorrow by answering question 1) What’s the difference between social business and social media?

May 2013 turn out to be full of laughs and adventures for you all!

Jane x

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