A Social Business Process

I’m a right-brain believer in process, which is not an oxymoron.

Many creative types balk at the thought of process, with its rigid, stifling connotations. The reality, however, is that to improve something, first you must be able to see it. So by mapping process, you’re making the invisible visible; and from there you can begin to innovate and improve on the way work gets done.

Given the whole point of social business is to change the way we work, I thought I’d share a social business process here.

Like any sort of planning activity, the value is in the creating as opposed to the following. Blindly following plans and processes is a recipe for disaster. You use them to win business, win funding, communicate ideas, sign-post the way – but never as a means to dictate detailed actions for the next day, month, quarter or three years.

What I love about creative and innovation processes – and social business processes are no exception – is that they tend to be high level, laden with tools and relatively informal. They lend themselves to moving through the stages at pace.

So this is a process that might inspire you, guide your thinking – but never serve as a substitute for bending and flexing in response to real-world situations and feedback. Social business is a cross-functional transition and unique journey for every organisation, so tick boxes along the way as you’re getting the basics in place, but never forget the most important and difficult part of the change is mindset and behaviour.

If you’d like any tools to accompany this process – like an ROI model (to tick that box) – do shout!

Social Business Process

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