The power of WHY

As we’re increasingly bombarded with overchoice in today’s world – evident in the tens of billions of SKUs we’re faced with – our internal filtering and image-storing is stretched, forcing us to skim, scan and dump the contemplative.

But some people manage to pause, take a breath and simply ask ‘WHY?’

For instance, if you haven’t already heard about the incredible work of Pranav Mistry, it’s worth googling.

Pranav dared to ask WHY. Why do we sit at a computer in a chair with a mouse? Why is that the way we use technology, with wires and screens and cumbersome kit that relies on our ability to master these machines?

All around the world, people asking why are seeing the same world but through fresh eyes, in ways large and small. Why do we believe in God? Why do we wear suits and go to work at 9am?

I’d like to ask why we clip wings and curb behaviours to the point of running on rail tracks, when off the rails needn’t result in a crash. Not if you actually designed a hover-car that voided the manky rails.

So here’s to those who ask why. Try it, from the moment you get up, get dressed, travel to work, eat your lunch, have a bunch of meetings. Half the time we haven’t stopped to think of the endgame – the goal… or indeed whether we’re even enjoying the journey. And if you’re not enjoying the journey? Ask WHY. Then ask why you haven’t done anything about it.

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