Cognitive dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is central to many forms of persuasion; changing beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors. It’s a high-tension state between two opposing beliefs, often inducing confusion, then anger and finally an intense desire to correct the imbalance and rediscover consonance (RESONANCE).

Rather than using cognitive dissonance by manipulating people into making decisions they wouldn’t normally make, e.g. by asking someone a daft question (e.g. (“Do you ever worry about your monthly outgoings and wonder how you could reduce them?”) before pitching… the new way involves turning the mundane on its head, giving us a jolt to make life-altering choices.



  • Is there a point at which the state of dissonance has so permeated the whole of society, from the individual through, family, church, school, social clubs, places of employment, to government and media that there is either no recovery due to the intensity of dissonant energy or there is collapse from the inability to sustain it?

    Is it possible Fetsinger demonstrated the existence of the very required to simultaneously facilitate mind control and allow rapid strip mining of the economy. This would explain why so few are actually able to progress up the economic ladder. Also it would explain why so few capitalize upon the disarry in peoples belief, thinking and actions.

    Is there dissonance between the people that want to live honest lives who are content with the things they have and the ones perpetually creating scarcity in the minds of those who consume?

    What is the ‘need’ of the moment? New house? New car? New wife? New religion? New friends? New laws?

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