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Everything has a natural frequency of vibration, i.e. its resonant frequency. For instance a glass smashes when a sound causes a vibration that matches its resonant frequency; or the millennium bridge sways like hell when the pedestrians wobble it at it’s resonance frequency.

Brands are trying to find consumers’ resonant frequencies. So when a company gets it right, they really vibrate (?!) that individual and forge a powerful emotional connection (lovemark).

BUT… we humans are surprising. We resonate at unexpected frequencies (for instance a middle aged business man might listen to hip-hop, or conversely a teenage rapper might be a Mozart fan, or a fitness trainer smoke fags and snort cocaine, or a coke addict worry about taking aspirin).

Not only that, but resonant objects (i.e. musical instruments, or people in this instance) usually have more than one resonant frequency (harmonics). We will easily vibrate at those frequencies, and vibrate less strongly at others. We will “pick out” our resonant frequency, in effect filtering out all frequencies other than our resonance. We’re bombarded with so many marketing messages that we’re helluva picky about what we listen to. If it doesn’t resonate with us, it’s just white noise, just more boring intrusive marketing messaging crap that we don’t want or care about.

Get it right (in an integrated way) and a brand can resonate with us on heaps of different levels, through various channels, forming a compelling experience.

So don’t do boring, presumptuous marketing. Move and shake markets and emanate good vibes to each individual customer.

It’s like clubbing. For some people, the clubbing experience resonates on various levels: thumping tunes at 140 beats per minute, ecstasy, clan mentality, laser lighting, physicality… and it makes them buzz and dance like hell. Or rich foodies: the dining experience resonates on various levels: their helicopter landing outside the restaurant in Lourges, the gold-plated oversized gate posts, the whiff of truffle oil and foie gras… the wine waiter talking through appropriate selections, the handshake from the proprietor over dessert…

Tailor the experience, but NOT prescriptively. Provide tools, environments, useful and interesting stuff. Then GET OUT OF THE WAY, hand over the reigns and let the people of the world do what they want. And what d’ya know… scalable marketing, unlimited by your resources.

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