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Someone asked me yesterday what exactly Punk Capitalism means…

Punk was all about a DIY revolution, rejecting authority and hierarchy, working for yourself without taking cues from the mass market, setting up businesses that aren’t fussed about competing and place purpose over profit, advocating that we should produce as much as we consume. Nowadays we’re all working more independently and struggle with crappy managers / bosses, we want richer experiences and creativity is our most valuable currency. We’re coming to the end of the Industrial Revolution cycle… the final nails are going in the coffin for mass production (and in turn mass marketing) – starting with the internet making it free to transmit stuff digitally ourselves. Now punks in lab coats are working on things like 3D printers, already in use by Adidas, BMW, Sony etc for making prototypes. Once these are available in our homes there will be no boundaries left between producer and consumer – just creativity. It’s not far off Star Trek replicators! Then nobody has to be bribed to do shit jobs. Phew! What we deem piracy is the best form of distribution in a Punk Capitalist world.

My previous post mentions this here; and refers to this book as the ultimate Punk Capitalism and piracy resource.


  • I read “Pirates’ Dilemma” several months ago and was instantly captivated!! This “revoluntion” looks to me as an “older” person to be a true movement that will change the corporate-run world. I am so encouraged. I am looking for further resources if you can provide any. I am promote the reading of Pirate by political activists in my generation so we can support more fully this ideology. I am so hopeful and encouraged by the leadership and changes being lead by Gen Xers and Yers!!

    Go guys!! We want to support this movement!!

    • Thanks for the comment. Some of my favourite reads are… Alvin Toffler’s ‘Future Shock’ – unbelievably written in 1970 but really Toffler describes the internet… explores the fact we’re suffering from ‘over choice’ and transience. Clay Shirky’s ‘Here comes everybody’ is a nice easy read, looking at our networked society. Also anything by Seth Godin (e.g. ‘Tribes’) inc. his blog: My friend Alan Moore co-wrote ‘Communities Dominate Brands’ a while back and is working on a fantastic new book. Worth checking out his blog:

      Definitely check out The Cluetrain Manifesto too.

      In terms of looking at pirate companies, Local Motors is pretty interesting: and Toms Shoes:

      ‘Think local, act global’ is a phrase that’s bandied around a lot lately… and holds true. Our ultra-connectedness has a tremendous leveling effect, hence big business’s struggle in the face of stiff competition from citizens, who are rapidly becoming publishers and producers. A meritocracy is emerging, in which everyone has the opportunity to have a voice and a following.

      Exciting times!

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