Things don’t resonate coz they’re dense, innit.

According to general advertising industry relativity, black hole budgets are entirely compressed into a region with zero meaningful volume and near-zero relevance, which means their density and gravitational pull towards the 30 second TV ad and print campaign are infinite; and so is the curvature of space-time and agency-time that they cause.

These infinite values cause most physical equations – common sense, general relativity and good manners (i.e. not interrupting), to stop working at the centre of a broadcast industry black hole. So physicists, Resonance Jedis and every single one of us call the zero-volume, near-zero-relevance, infinitely dense region at the centre of the broadcast industry black hole a singularity.

A gravitational media agency singularity is a location where the quantities which are used to measure effectiveness (eyeballs, click-throughs etc) and the gravitational field become infinite in a way that does not depend on real life or the co-ordinate system. These quantities (with lots of zeros on the end which must mean brands should pay us loads for stacking them up) are the scalar invariant curvatures of agency metrics and ad-space-time, some of which are a measure of (the) density (of matter).

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