Discovery, discovery, discovery

‘This is the story of Rarg – a world of peace and tranquility. A world so perfect that the sun never rose until it was absolutely sure everybody was awake.

Their vast library is filled with books, documenting the revelations of generations. For they discovered simply for the sake of discovery. So everybody was happy. The senator was never happier than when he was discovering new forms of happiness.

Every day discoveries were made, some were large, some were tiny, and some discoveries had to be seen to be believed.’

Fabulous. Discovery is everything. New rule: if it wouldn’t get into the Rarg library, don’t put it out there.

Consider the whole idea of contributing to a library that documents the revelations of generations; and what that means… and how about Discovery as a vision for the world – consider the impact of that on what each of us achieves during our lifetime and the collective lifetime of the human race.

Okay, it’s a kid’s cartoon, but Rarg says it all!


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