Capitalism – The Musical

Danny Aronson from Tel Aviv has been working on Capitalism – The Musical, releasing songs and videos like his latest, The Sissy Cheats. Hats off to Danny and anyone else who decides to get up and go create something. If Capitalism – the Musical, works towards exposing and bringing down the morally objectionable at the top of the pyramid… I’d like to see a sequel celebrating the success (in time) of the bottom-up we-society… Punk Capitalism – the Musical. What do you reckon Danny?

Punk Capitalism

Listen to these distinguishing features / central axioms of Capitalism: Each person owns his or her own labor and therefore is allowed to sell the use of it to employers [Take this a bit further forward along the curve and companies don't tend to have employees, just pools of talented people who do stuff] The best allocation of resources is achieved through consumers having free choice, and producers responding accordingly to meet collective consumer demand [Yes, we like free choice... so much so that we're kissing goodbye to the mass... Read The Rest →

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