20 questions for agency biz dev

Client development is more important than ever in a business culture that has shifted markedly from hunting mode to farming mode (Seth Godin articulates this shift eloquently in his blog here). I was recently asked to write a biz dev article and thought I’d post up an extract – my list of 20 questions agencies should ask themselves, given that they’re five times more likely to grow existing business than win new (and it’s the only real chance of short term revenue). 1. Do you celebrate those who grow existing... Read The Rest →

Simplicity in apps and life

Some simple genius ideas and tips on simple genius app-building from 37 Signals in their book Getting Real. Check it out here. Most lessons apply not just to development but life / work productivity in general too. A couple of my favourite snippets: ‘The more massive an object, the more energy is required to change its direction.’ ‘Simple rules… lead to complex behavior. Complex rules, as with the tax law in most countries, lead to stupid behavior.’

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