Your agile self

The word ‘agility’ is being bandied about a lot lately. Agile development processes are the norm in tech companies now – favoured over the old school linear (waterfall) method, for obvious reasons, like more rapid development and alignment with customer need.

It stands to reason we can no longer risk the time and money wrapped up in locking ourselves in a room, devising and developing, then unleashing on the world in the hope they like what we’ve group-thunk. Instead we iterate, evolve, collaborate, release little and often and pursue a path of perpetual beta.

The thing is, agility doesn’t just apply to product development and business process. Agility applies to life as an individual too.

Consider agility in terms of education… locking yourself away in scheduled lessons for fifteen years, only to be unleashed on the world with a bunch of largely irrelevant skills and skewed expectations; versus learning little and often, applying it, veering in a direction that’s a better fit, tweaking, collaborating and remaining in a mindstate of perpetual beta / lifelong learning.

The insecurity experienced by those who’ve debted up to the nines on the pathway to release in the real world, without means of first validating demand by listening and iterating to suit, is causing a nationwide upsurge in lost souls.

Get something – product / self – out there now. Don’t wait for perfection or completion – there’s no such thing. There’s only assumption. And we all know what that’s the mother of.

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